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Luxury Experiences

Experience luxury with Us, We provide some of the best professionals who will guide your skin your hair to its maximum glory.

Get rid of those pesky pimples that do not want to leave you face; we have some of the best masks that can help you in the process.
Hair Care
There are a lot of hair care tips that our professionals can help you with, get rid of them with ease.
Massage Therapy
Let go of your stress which can be the reason for your body being so tight, get the best spa treatment for the best to pamper session.
Want that hairless feel, with us experience painless wax for the glow from within look with minimum efforts.

Feel natural, be natural.

Permanent Makeup

Our makeup experts can make sure that you face glows for that #woke up like this look. We have some of the best makeup which can make your skin look like skin rather than a cake.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Facing some of the worst scalp and hair damage, we can fix it with regular intervention with some of the best hot oil and massage treatments.

Hair Texturizing

Have naturally curly hair, we can make sure that you have hair which is easy to manage for that everyday frizz-free look.



  • Spa Packages  —  Starting at $85
  • Facial  — $25
  • Pedicure  — $35
  • Manicure  — $35
  • Full Body Massage  — $60
  • Couples Massage  —  Starting at $120

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“They have some of the best experts who will guide you through your skin and recommend some of the best treatment made for your unique skin.”

“They are the best when it comes to bridal makeup as they made sure that my wedding I was the centre of attraction.”

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