Choosing a hair colour can sometimes be confusing as there are plenty of hair colour options to choose from. It is up to you on carrying a style which suits your hair type and lifestyle. While some choose the bold and bright colours, others prefer lighter tones. Here are the top trending hair colours for dark skin recommended by the experts that you can try out this season. You can always switch the colours anytime according to your taste, so never stop experimenting.

Orange Red

If you want a contrasting hair colour which adds a little bit of vibrancy in the shades, this is the colour for you. Try out the orange-red fade, which will complement a more casual look to make you look stunning when you step outside.

Mauve Pink

Mauve Pink

This hair colour is gaining more attention lately due to its shiny highlights which can add more charm on your looks even with a little bit of makeup.

Burnt Caramel

You can only look more like a celebrity but also gives you a healthy look. Try our the burnt caramel look with formal attire and let your fashion speak for itself.

Honey Brown

Honey Brown

Add a more classic touch to your curly hair with honey brown and make your hair look brown and shiny black at the same time. It highlights your curls as well as give you a more modern look.

Rose Gold

The rose gold highlights are a perfect combination for wearing bright formal clothes. Complement it with a while or a light pink coat, and you are good to go.

Peachy Pink

Peachy Pink

Try out this hair colour if you have a warmer skin tone. Rugged jeans and a hint of makeup can make a perfect combination for heading out for a hangout.

Warm Hazelnut

If you want a much softer hair tone, you can choose the warm hazelnut. The combination of golden and copper-based undertones will definitely suit your simple style.

Candy Coated

This style can suit anyone no matter what the skin tone is. Complement yourself with a candy style colourful tones of vibrant pink, blue, and a hint of green and carry it with confidence.

Gold Caramel

Another great combination of the brown and golden tones, which is an excellent choice for dark skin. It gives a shiny look under the sun and also blends beautifully with the skin.

Sea Green

Sea green is another trending colour which has recently become popular due to its mesmerising depths. If you have a more casual easy to go lifestyle, then this is what you need for your hair.

Pale platinum

Choose the lightest yet most contrasting platinum shade to match any attire whenever you go out. Especially recommended for short hair which will make you look like a supermodel.