Taking care of your skin is important, not only because you want to look good, but also the slow down your ageing process by keeping your skin nourished with the necessary nutrients. Each part of your body needs your attention and care to be able of its real potential. Going to a salon for beauty care is not always an affordable option. There are plenty of solutions which can help in keeping your skin in the best state and every small effort towards beauty care counts. It might seem like a slow process, but if done right, it will create better and longer results. Here are some simple beauty tips which you can practice on your own.


skin care

Involve yourself in one or the other kind of exercise or yoga. It is a scientific fact that exercise slows down the ageing process and helps in keeping your body fresh and active. Dedicate atleast half an hour for some sort of exercise. It will improve your blood circulation and will help in giving a glow to your face.

Use fruits

You can use the fruits as a part of your diet as well as for massaging your face for much fresher and oil-free skin. There are several fruits like cucumber, papaya, berries, and even apples which nourish your skin with the right vitamins. It is a great way of keeping your internal and external body fresh and glowing.

Sleep well

Sleeping also plays a major role in keeping the energy levels of your body intact. It makes helps in preventing the dark circles on your face as well as gives you’re the positivity that makes your skin and body look rich. Keep a water bottle next to you you at night to keep your body hydrated during sleep hours. It will help in keeping you hydrated and prevent swelling on the face and oily skin.

Use teabags


Teabags and cucumbers are a great solution for keeping dark circles away. Prepare the teabags for the session by keeping them in the freezer at least an hour before. Gently massage the eye area with sliced cucumber and place the frozen tea bags on the eyes. It will help in nourishing the areas affected by dark circles and help in getting the glow back.

Use Ice water

Early morning may seem like a bad time to use iced water, but it can help in quickly erasing the swelling on your face, which occur due to sleep. Apply a teaspoon of honey on the face to add an extra glow to the skin. Rinse again with cold water and wipe off the application.

Use Yoghurt

Massage your face with a past of yoghurt and sugar and keep the application on your face for 5 minutes. Then gently scrub the paste until the granules melt. Rinseyour face with coldor ice water and wipe off clean for fresh and oil-free skin.